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It's never been easier to increase online engagement and have a measurable ROI than with Meteor. Now you can meet potential clients where they already are - surfing the web.

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Why Meteor?

Real estate professionals join Meteor to get the most robust and cohesive social media business solution, and making real connections with real buyers and sellers in their community.


increase in online engagement


happy clients use Meteor to maximize their referral base income


of an agent's business comes from referrals and word of mouth


of professional social media marketing assets are branded videos

2.27 billion

active Facebook users


wants to have an impressive online presence and reputation.

Be recognized as a successful
Real Estate professional utilizing

Blog Posts

Choose your blog name, submit for unlimited videos and flyers, increase your S.E.O. and set your blog on autopilot.

Branded at all times

Weekly branded video articles, your own blog with ghost written weekly articles, custom holiday greetings, and branded listing videos and flyers.

Expedite your social success and deliver
measurable results that matter.

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Blog Articles

Your very own blog will have originally written articles posted weekly. We then publish a link of the new article on your Facebook Business page, showcasing you as the local expert in your field.

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Branded Video Articles

Trending topics and industry insights turned into videos that are short and sweet, a branded engagement weekly booster.

Facebook Page Design

We want your page to look professional, credible and unique to you. We achieve this by amplifying every section of the page, so no matter where you click, we’ll have covered it.

Personalized eflyers

Sometimes your listings need a little extra spunk to get traction. Our personalized e-flyers help entice potential buyers and give sellers a taste of what their listing is missing.

We offer:

  • Open House Announcements
  • Listing Flyers
  • Branded Holiday Posters

Dynamic Listing Videos

It’s no secret that videos are more engaging than photos, which is why you’ll need to post more than an MLS link to capture the attention of potential buyers. Whether it’s an open house, single or multi listing, or sold property, we’ve got you covered with our dynamic videos. We can even create a personal branding video - think of it as a commercial for yourself!

Branded Seasonal and
Holiday Greetings

Trending topics and industry insights turned into videos that are short and sweet, a branded engagement weekly booster.

Drive Engagement

Increase Activity

We design our pages to drive engagement. Everything is thoughtfully curated to draw people to your page, and the lead capturing tool sends potential leads to you immediately. A well-designed, current page also increases your searchability. When clients find you online, we want your iBlog website to be ready.

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Meteorgo Reviews
Meteorgo Reviews

I like the creative ways that Meteor is representing my business. They have taken the worry away from me having to respond to all my reviews online. Meteor has been easy to work with and is attentive to my business.

- Zoe Williams, Real Estate Agent • Austin, TX

See what others are saying

I love the creativity and cutting-edge marketing strategies Meteor provides. My social media presence is ages beyond where it was a few months ago and I couldn’t be more grateful to them. This is a five-star service through and through.

S. Brown - Stockton, CA

If you’re considering using Meteor service, don’t hesitate. My business has flourished as a result of their hard work, creativity and, social media expertise. The best part is, I don’t have to be nearly as involved as I used to.

E. Murphy - Orlando, FL

Since using Meteor I now have time to focus on other aspects of my business and can rest easy knowing the social side is handled. My Facebook Business page is constantly updated with fresh, content and user engagement has gone up since they took over.

R. King - Bend, OR

I originally thought I could handle the social media side of my business, but it’s way more work than I expected. Meteor has not only alleviated that burden for me, but they do it way better than I ever could.

T. Edwards - Ocala, FL

This company is the BEST! Their client dashboard is so easy to use - I can review my account activity, choose different topics for my posts and set the frequency all in one place. Also, their customer service is super friendly and helpful.

H. Crews - Tulsa, OK

If I could give Meteor more than five stars I would! I don’t leave reviews often, but they deserve the praise. Their team works fast, are easy to communicate with, and the content quality is top notch. I couldn’t ask for anything better!

E. Lee - Wichita, KS

If your business could use a social media overhaul (like mine did), Meteor is one of the best online services out there. They’re affordable and the quality of work is better than if you hired someone in-house.

T. Patterson - Culver City, CA

I love using Meteor for my business because it’s very hands-off. I don’t need to be that involved, but at the same time, they make it easy to do so, if that’s what you prefer. For example, I can request extra videos or artwork anytime, at no additional cost.

W. Scott - Biloxi, MS

I’m not the most tech-savvy, so having a social media service for my business is a must. What makes Meteor a game-changer for me is the customer service. I love being able to speak to someone, ask lots of questions and get help immediately.

R. Casey - Richmond, VA

When it comes to social media for my business, I didn't know where to start. I love that Meteor took the time to listen to my concerns, address them and create a strategy that works for me. I can’t wait to see what else they do for my business!

S. Towne - Deadwood, SD

I can’t say enough good things about this company. Meteor provides the best quality content and is the most affordable service I’ve found to date. I love that I can request extra videos and artwork without paying any additional fees, it’s all included!

P. Cruise - Los Angeles, CA

I LOVE this service! I started using them three months ago, and in that short time my following has increased and I have more people interacting with my posts. Meteor has elevated my digital footprint and I couldn’t be more thrilled with their service.

M. Watts - Columbus, OH

For the first time since I started my small business, I can relax knowing my social media is in good hands. Meteor gives me complete peace of mind and I love all of their content! I highly recommend using their service

R. Thorn - Savannah, GA

I wish I had found Meteor months ago! They have made such a difference in my online presence and exposure. Since using their service, I’ve received more inquiries about my business and more interaction with my posts

W. Fern - Tallahassee, FL

The folks at Meteor are so creative and it’s an incredibly affordable service! My Facebook Business page has never looked better and I’ve received an increased amount of inquiries as a result of their work.

D. Reign - Moriarty, NM

Meteor has saved me so much time and energy since I started using their service! I used to stress over my social media and they have completely eased my concerns. I can now focus on other aspects of my business and reap the benefits from their social expertise.

K. Host - Myrtle Beach, SC

If you’re looking to save time and improve your social presence, Meteor is the way to go. I’ve been using them for six months and my Facebook Business page has never looked better. I’m looking forward to a long business relationship!

Y. Hurst - Raleigh, NC

Meteor has the best products for social media hands down! They provide everything - posts, videos, and design work. Also, I get new listings a lot, so I was worried they would want to charge me for the extra videos I requested - nope it’s all included!

J. Dudley - Chicago, IL

I’m so happy I found Meteor! To test them out, I had them work on my Facebook Business Page, but once I saw how successful that was, I let them handle my Instagram and LinkedIn too! I couldn’t be happier with the way my social media is turning out.

R. Walker - Dallas, TX

Before I started using Meteor I spent way too much time working on my Facebook page. I thought it would be better to save money, but in doing so, other aspects of my business were failing. Meteor is incredibly affordable and my only regret is not using them sooner!

G. Jens - Seattle, WA

Meteor is awesome! I’ve used a few different social media agencies, but I’ve finally found a keeper. They are easy to contact if you have any questions and are open to feedback, which I find vital for a business relationship.

S. Post - Springfield, IA

Meteor has helped my business in so many ways! Besides increasing my engagement on Facebook and Instagram, they’ve given me time to focus on developing other aspects of my business, which is exactly what I wanted.

R. Gerard - Gainesville, FL

Five-star service from a five-star company! Meteor is by far the best social media service I’ve ever worked with. I was hesitant at first (due to my experience with previous companies), but they’ve eased every concern I’ve had and exceeded my expectations.

B. Stand - Greenville, NC

Meteor is amazing! They are super easy to work with, have great attention to detail and know exactly what my business needs to succeed. They give you multiple options to market your business, which I really appreciate.

W. Road - San Francisco, CA

What I love about Meteor is they have multiple ways to market your business, from the posts to videos and graphic design work. They are open to feedback and always work with you to find a strategy that works.

F. Valet - Monterey, CA

Meteor is a keeper! I’m so glad I found this company. They’ve increased my social media following and with the increase of business inquiries I’ve received - I know this is a direct result of their work. Don’t hesitate, go with Meteor!

R. Durst - Charlotte, NC

If you’re on the fence about using this company, don’t be! Meteor goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations. They truly care about helping your business succeed and it shows. I’ve enjoyed every minute of watching my business flourish with them!

R. Grain - San Jose, CA

Meteor makes it easy to manage other aspects of your business because they handle everything to do with social media. Thanks to their services, I’ve received more new business inquiries and engagement from existing clients.

W. Stain - Juneau, AK

Meteor is a one-stop-shop for all your social media needs! Their client dashboard is my favorite part. Everything I need to know about my account is in one central location, which makes it easy to keep tabs on my activity and engagement.

T. Horn - Bloomington, MN